Gouache/Acrylic Paintings

Base price for a gouache painting. Included is 9x12 140lb cold pressed paper and shipping. 

Price increases for:

size (min $20),
complexity of piece (case by case)

canvas change (canvas and wood available)

Additional media (i.e gold leaf Min $20)


Digital Commision

Base Price for digital paintings. Included is High-res Download and web sized download.
Prices increase for:
Composition (Half Body $20/Full Body $40) 
additional characters ($40 per)
complex backgrounds ($50)

Will Draw

  • Humans/humanoids

  • landscapes

  • Couples/Ships 

  • NSFW (subject to approval)

  • Soft Gore

  • Some Fetishes

  • Fantasy

  • Animals/Fantasy animals

  • Fan Art

  • OC's

Will Not Draw

  •  Mechas/hyper realism

  • Some fetishes

  • Hardcore gore/Porn

  • Copying/tracing of another's work or art style

  • Hateful Art ( including but not limited to hate symbols and bigoted/harmful depictions)

  • Depictions of illegal NSFW (Bestiality, Zoophilia, etc)

  • Sexualized underaged characters/ sexualized age up of underaged characters

Please Note

  • Commissions are subject to close at any time.

  • Price will increase if it is a rush order.

  • Price will increase if more than 3 revisions are required

  • the wait time is between 1 week and 3 months depending on artist schedule and piece complexity. 

  • Buyer must read and agree to the Terms of Service 

Request Commission

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Additional Requests

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